How to use alire?

Check out on how to get alire.

Create a new ada project

alr init --bin new_project

This will create a new ada project in the folder "new_project".

Add a dependency

# for example, json support
alr with json

Check out all of the available alire crates.

Edit a project

alr edit

Don't use GNAT Studio? Check out the Ada Language Server and open the project folder with emacs, vim, vscode, or your editor of choice.

Set alr edit to your editor of choice

# For example, vscode
alr settings --global --set editor.cmd "code ."

Select your toolchain

alr toolchain --select

The default is gnat-native, which is the compiler for whatever system you're running, but you can even cross-compile.

Compile your project

alr build

Get started with's tutorial.